The Lipstick Dreams Blog will be undergoing reconstruction to become an official online magazine. Special thanks to all of our supporters thus far!!

Lipstick Dreams will be evolving into an online magazine to serve as a platform for young girls and women of color.  There isnt anything out like what Lipstick Dreams is about to become. So Stay Tuned!!!


  1. tkms1989 says:

    Ah this was just what I needed. I’ve been meaning to buy some EXPO markers to write on my mirror but Lipstick is just so much more posh, just like I – so LIPSTICK it shall be!

  2. Carey says:

    You cannot lose until you quit. The world is a cycle of upward and downward swings. It is adaptation to the change that defines you as man.

  3. Lola K. says:

    My lipstick message: “Yes. This is my life”. I say this whenever I get that feeling of contentment. Whenever I see something that truly resonates with me. Yes. This is my life. I love that your blog focuses on the manifestation of goals. I can’t wait to read more. Peace- Lola K.

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